Majamisty Trio

Aleksandra Drobac Čik

Aleksandra presents unique phenomenon at Serbian music scene because of her sophisticated sensibility. She has also shown wide spectrum of transformation as she explores different music genres (fado, jazz, evergreen, pop, etc.) and she brings authentic personal expression, originality of interpretation and splendid musicality in every melody created and sang.
Aleksandra is well known by her work in various ensembles especially her performing with trio SEM.
Excellent critics were the result mainly of her performing with AGORA ensemble at festivals like “Dani Evrope” in Novi Sad and “Mermer i zvuci” in Arandjelovac , where she introduced Portuguese fado music and the art of Madredeus group to Serbian audience. Interaction and further work with pianist Maja Alvanovic has originally started from performing in AGORA ensemble.
Furthermore, Aleksandra has also recorded various CD albums as the guest vocalist, among others : CD with Majamisty trio, composer Nemanja Nesic’s album and Milan Nenin’s album “INCIDENT”.