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Review of Love in Concerto magazin, Vienna 02. 02. 2015!

MajamistyTriO-Love-Masom Records, Das serbische Klavier Trio aus Novi Sad verzichtet gänzlich auf elektronische Hilfsmittel, bei vier Stücken jedoch nimmt auch die menschliche Stimme einen Platz ein. Als Gast von Maja Alvanovic, p, Ervin Malina, b, und Istvan Cik, dr, erhebt Aleksandra Drobac ihre Stimme, weiters wirken noch der Trompeter Damir Bacikin, der Saxophonist Bunford Gabor, [...]

Recenzija albuma “Love” na sajtu!

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Izvestaj sa koncerta u Sargfabrik klubu, Vienna/Review of Vienna concert

Majamisty TriO

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BEAUTIFUL REVIEW of CD “Love” by Mary James!!

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Wonderful review of new CD “LOVE” @ ALLABOUT JAZZ, 5 stars album :)

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Review of Belgrade concert by Zlatan Dimitrijevic/Osvrt Zlatana Dimitrijevića na beogradski koncert

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Review of CD Mistyland by Hrayr Attarian, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“Supreme virtuosity and intense lyricism come together on Majamisty Trio’s Mistyland. Often melancholic, sometimes exuberant but always enchanting, this album has earned its place next to the best examples of European jazz.” – Hrayr Attarian, journalist at ALL ABOUT JAZZ (review of CD Mistyland) Read full review here

Review of CD Mistyland by Vojislav Pantić (POLITIKA) Jun 2, 2012

“This is music that appeals directly to the senses and the emotions. The double bass is wood-coloured. The drums smell of earth. The sound of the piano is the very texture of tranquility. The opening tune is representative of the entire complex beauty of  Mistyland.”   Majamisty Trio – „Mistyland” (Maple Grove Music Productions, 2012)   Три слике на омоту: [...]

Review of CD Mistyland by Bruce Lindsay, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“Seek,” so the saying goes, “and ye shall find.” But where to look for an exciting new piano trio? The Serbian city of Novi Sad may not seem like the obvious place, but it’s home to Majamisty TriO—whose debut, Mistyland, is evidence of a beautifully creative and original ensemble. Read full review here