Majamisty Trio

Ištvan Čik

Since his first appearance on the Jazz Scene of Novi Sad (Serbia) in 1995, he has attracted attention by his prominent individuality and creativity, being predestined from the beginning for the music genre which expresses his personality and creativity the best way – jazz and other forms of improvisational music.
In his hands drums cease to be only rhythmic instrument, he plays and shapes music melodiously.
Very soon he becomes a member of great number of music ensembles. He also endeavours to perform classical music as a member of percussion section in the accordion orchestra of KUD ‘Sonja Marinkovic’, performing cantata Carmina Burana by Karl Orff with grand orchestra of ‘Isidor Bajic’ music high school.
Closely cooperating with the composer Boris Kovac, as a member of LADAABA orchestra and La Campanella quintet, he realises a great number of exceptional performances in the country and abroad.
He also cooperates with the composer Mezei Szilard in Mezei Szilard Trio, quintet, octet, as well as in a number of theatre performances The Mirror, Tamings, Length of 100 Needles, in which music was composed by Sz. Mezei.
Another important cooperation is with the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. He plays the drums in modern ballet The Language of Walls and in drama The Doll Ship, for which the music was composed by Darko Rundek.
He recorded a great number of CD albums as an ensemble member:

Majamisty TriO: “Mistyland” (SKC – Novi Sad, Serbia 2011.)
Boris Kovac: The Last Balkan Tango (Piranha Records, Germany 2001) Ballads at the End of Time (Piranha musik, Germany 2003)
World after history (Piranha musik, Germany 2005)
Szilard Mezei: Trembling of the Puppy (Gyorfree Records, Hungary 2004), Draught (Leo Records, England 2005),
Bot (Gyorfree Records, Hungary 2005),
As you (Ayler Records, Sweden/France 2007),
Cerkno (Leo records, England 2007),
Masks (Gyorfree, 2008),
Live in Magyarkanizsa (Gyorfree, 2008)
Nad/Reed (Red Toucan Records, Canada 2008),
Sivatag (Creative Sources Recordings, Portugal, 2008)
Anytime, Now (Not Two Records, Poland 2008)
Tonk (Slam Production, England 2010)
OSSA Jazz Quartet: Jazzy Bite (SKC, Novi Sad, 2009)