Majamisty Trio

Maja Alvanović

Maja Alvanović, pianist and author of the music, was born in Belgrade. Imbued by jazz since childhood, growing up beside her father, double bass player, she is beginning her own jazz biography under artistic name Majamisty in 2010. She is teaching piano on Art Academy of Novi Sad (Serbia), where she completed piano studies with maestro Kemal Gekić and Alan Fraser, in 2000 and is currently artistic director of Piano City Novi Sad festival.

Turnover on her music path began with exploration of Portuguese fado music within ensemble ‘Agora’. It was a sort of ‘wind in the back’ for more daring approach to improvisational, spontaneous, authoristic way of music expression. Admiration for great music models (Keith Jarreth, Pat Metheny, Diana Krall, Aziza Mustafa Zadeh…), and getting familiar with modern flow on the Jazz Scene of the world, awoke the inspiration for presenting her own music to the public – the idea that waited for years to be realized.