Maja Alvanović

Playing sensitively, sophisticatedly and non-intrusively in the contemplative music style inaugurated by unique Bill Evans, Maja reaches the intellectual and emotional boost, unfortunately, so rare in contemporary jazz.

Slobodan Bobby Arandjelovic
Jazz publicist

There was a translucent beauty in Ms Alvanovic’s playing: her style contemplative as to be expected of a Bill Evans disciple with Lennie Tristano touches evident too in her love of cliché- free solos.

Maureen Baker
London Jazz News

A musical alchemist, Alvanovic has constructed a work of subtle elegance from western classical structures, jazz spontaneity and the complex rhythms of her native land. Often melancholic, sometimes exuberant but always enchanting.

Hrayr Attarian
All About Jazz

A breath of fresh air; a beautifully lyrical player whose tunes are a reflection of her touch on the keys; delicate, fragile, precise and mesmerizing.

Tim Dickeson

Film Music

Majamisty Trio