Once again Majamisty Trio offer 21st century, spiritually sublime jazz music.

Nigel J.

Jazz in Europe

Just when you think that the world has enough piano trios to be getting on with, a new one comes along to stand proudly in the front row. Its members should be mighty pleased with this fine album.  read more 

Simon Adams

Jazz Journal, UK

Often an intimate experience and not without a cinematic demeanor, Organic is an eloquent and meticulously textured journey, where the 3 musicians work well off each other’s strengths, leaving the listener elevated, perhaps even euphoric.  read more 

Take Effect, USA

There’s something incredibly fitting when considering the album’s title, ‘Organic’ – it brings to mind thoughts of ‘purity’ and ‘simplicity’, almost like the music on this release came together through such a natural and effortless process which in of itself is masterful quality.  read more 

Imran Mirza

Blue in Green radio

Organic  bristles with quiet energy and sophistication. The brilliance of the individual musicians, as well as the exquisite synergy within the group, enhance the emotive and cerebral impact of the crystalline and textured compositions. This is the kind of recording that leads to new discoveries with each “spin” hence it is a superlative work of art. Furthermore, it is intelligently uplifting and a much-needed salve for dark days.  read more 

Hrayr Attarian

All about jazz

Musically placed somewhere in the EST style jazz sphere, there was a translucent beauty in Ms Alvanovic’s playing: her style contemplative as to be expected of a Bill Evans disciple with Lennie Tristano touches evident too in her love of cliché- free solos.  read more 

Maureen Baker

London Jazz News

Love delivers a strong example of contemporary chamber jazz and what the modern piano trio can achieve.

The New York City Jazz Records

Airy, graceful, intriguing…

Thomas Conrad

Jazz Times

Love  is a sophisticated work that retains an emotional rawness, demonstrates a superlative celebration of camaraderie without sacrificing individual artistry. It is a near flawless record that showcases Alvanović as a consummate musician and an accomplished orchestrator.  read more 

Hrayr Attarian

All About Jazz

Love is the sound of a composer who’s becoming more ambitious and a band that’s growing in confidence. It’s a five-star second album, with some of the loveliest melodies of the year.  read more 

Bruce Lindsay

All about jazz

A simply beautiful album of glorious melodies, haunting wordless vocals, and delicious edgy cameos blending effortlessly with a perfect trio.  read more

Mary James

Perhaps nothing so directly captures the album’s dynamic range than this idea of an exceptional journey.  read more 

Tyran Grillo

All about jazz

Quite dark and Nordic in feel, this music set the hairs on the back of your neck tingling…

Tim Dickeson

Jazzontour, UK 

Often melancholic, sometimes exuberant but always enchanting, this album has earned its place next to the best examples of European jazz.  read more 

Hrayr Attarian

All about jazz

“Seek, so the saying goes, and ye shall find”. But where to look for an exciting new piano trio? The Serbian city of Novi Sad may not seem like the obvious place, but it’s home to Majamisty TriO—whose debut, Mistyland, is evidence of a beautifully creative and original ensemble.  read more 

Bruce Lindsay

All about jazz

Playing sensitively, sophisticatedly and non-intrusively in the contemplative music style inaugurated by unique Bill Evans, Maja reaches the intellectual and emotional boost, unfortunately, so rare in contemporary jazz.

Slobodan Bobby Arandjelovic​, jazz publicist